structural integration, biomechanically inspired bodywork,yoga therapy, movement renovation




Alignment Focused Yoga

do you you want to expand your current practice, begin your practice, or bring awareness to your body and breath?  


private yoga

individualized support in your yoga practice can draw you a into deeper awareness of your body, building strength where we tend to not notice we are avoiding and bringing breath to places that haven't been visited for awhile.




One of the most profound tools that there is available to us. There are many different  approaches and techniques to begin meditation, and the one that allows you to find peace in your mind is a great place to start and build on. Let's find it together if that's the support you need.


therapeutic yoga/neuromuscular re-patterning for injuries and pain.

the use of focused alignment to build focus and strength in the body. As well as the use of slow patterns of movement to refocus neuromuscular communication. bringing joints back into balance, and then relating joints to joints. building patterns of movement that support the entire body.


coming soon 


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