Body Presence:

yoga and movement as healing


unwinding &

softening patterns 


9:15 am PT/ 12:15pm ET

yoga therapy & meditation


7:30am PT/10:30am ET


reweaving & exploring new pathways


9:15 am PT/ 12:15 ET

yoga therapy & meditation


7:30am PT/ 10:30 am ET


An ancient and profound practice. Yoga Asana or postures build complex patterns in the muscles as well as adaptability to many different shapes and forces. Focus, flexibility, strength, and stamina as well as cellular nourishment and assisting in organ function.  Based on studies of Iyengar Yoga, Alignment Inspired yoga
Private Yoga-  Individualized support in your yoga builds better awareness of movement patterns. The balance of stability and fluidity creates greater adaptability and strength and the addition of breath brings integration whithin the whole.
Yoga classes- We will work on different area of the body- shoulders, pelvis, feet etc - to find different ranges of movement in that area and integrate it into whole body movements
Neuromuscular patterning/therapeutic yoga- great for shifting pain and the compensation movement patterns that were involved.

Energy Healing

Sometimes addressing the habits of the body or mind from the energetic can shift the patterns faster and allow the healing to unravel through the physical form.  When the whole of us is in a place of receptivity, possibilities are open. When we are in pain on any level, its harder to unfold elegantly. Soft, gentle, support, reminding us of our innate connection to ourselves and all that is.

Structural Integration

Biomechanically Inspired Bodywork

Based on the work of Ida Rolf, Tom Myers and his research based Anatomy Trains Myofascial Lines.  Structural Integration looks at the skeletal structure and its fascial and muscular pulleys. Our aim is to balance the integrity of the whole and its relationships of tension within the whole body matrix.
Single Sessions -If you need to pinpoint an issue and your body feels pretty balanced or if you are having pain and need to diminish pain and assess source of imbalance.
10 sessions (or 12 with extra sessions for arms and rotations in legs and torso))
       session 1-3  addressing  patterns in more superficial tissue
       session 3-7  addressing deeper patterns of movement in postural layers
       session 4-10  integrating  superficial and deep layers,  pelvis and legs,
       shoulders and arms, neck and spine.
Specific Work-  Scars-and the tissues that are affected by the the scaring process
                            Nerve/Artery -addressing impacts on nerve tissue or within nerve
                                                      tissue that is affecting function or pain
                            Gentle Work-  for more sensitive tissues, affecting the tissues with
                                                      gentle pressure can have just as profound an effect
Based on Liz Gaggini's work in biomechanics and asymmetrical patterns in the body.
Used within the 12 series but also used as a tune up for a fairly balanced body or after a series.
Three to five sessions
         session 1   pelvic girdle and legs, integrating rotational patterns
         session 2  shoulder girdle and arms, integrating rotational patterns
         session 3  neck and spine