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Structural Integration     Yoga Therapy      Energy Healing


Padma Borrego

Welcome, thank you for coming

I am grateful to be sharing what I have learned on this journey of life.  After a severe injury when I was 17, the doctors told me I would never use my left arm again.  It dramatically changed the course of my life and since then has been a journey of exploring healing for my body, my mind and my heart. 

There are many challenges that life presents to us and to bring a communion or union between the body and the spirit feels important in this time. We may start with anatomy, movement and unfolding our physical expression or with healing emotional wounds and unfolding our spiritual  connection.  If I can help in any way please reach out.  I'd love to share this path with you.

It is an amazing journey and a wild one. May you walk with proud and tender feet .

Yoga Therapy Classes

live virtual classes

recorded classes

Tuesdays . .  9:30am PT/ 12:30 ET

restorative and unwinding

Wednesdays . . 7:30am PT/10:30am ET

building strength and integrity

Thursdays . . 9:30am PT/ 12:30 ET

re-patterning and reweaving

Saturdays . . 7:30am PT/10:30am ET

building strength and integrity

All classes by donation

venmo @Patricia-Borrego-1 here

Individual Sessions

Syntara energy healing sessions

Syntara System is a deeply integrative, evolutionary energy healing modality that allows you to come into direct, co-creative relationship with the unseen forces that shape our world, Awakening you to an embodiment of the full potency of your being, Bringing clarity, connection, unshakeable stability and Joy.

Structural Integration bodywork

Refined bodywork based on work of Ida Rolf based in Santa Cruz, CA.

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guided grounding meditation
Love your feet and make your whole body happy article and stretch sheet.
Love you feet foot rolling and stretches

"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"

Contact Me

Padma Borrego
Watsonville, CA  95076

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