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The Body Wisdom's Way Out of Pain

10 Hot Tips to get YOU out of pain and disconnection
& into an EVOLutionary relationship with your body,
mind and heart.

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classes and courses

  • Get out of pain

  • Find movement that feels good and lets you play.

  • Build strength that keeps you grounded and builds a foundation for deep healing.



I am grateful to be sharing what I have learned on this journey of life. 

After a severe injury when I was 17, the doctors told me I would never use my left arm again.  It dramatically changed the course of my life and since then has been a journey of exploring healing for my body, my mind and my heart. 

There are challenges that life presents to us that often help us to bridge a connection between our body and our spirit.  Whether the focus is on a body injury, healing emotional wounds or exploring your spiritual  connection, I am here to offer you some tools and hold your hand as you take that journey.


Padma Borrego

"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"

Contact Me

Padma Borrego
Watsonville, CA  95076

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