structural integration, biomechanically inspired bodywork,yoga therapy, movement renovation




IASI Certified Structural Integrator- Kinesis Myofascial Integration  (2014)

State Licensed Massage Therapist - Swedish Institute(1997)

Certified Yoga Instructor since 1994 teaching classes, workshops, anatomy for yogis, and privates for over 20 years.

Parenting since 2008.
An amazing education thus far. 


       Padma Patricia Borrego

After a serious injury when I was 17, my left arm was left with what was thought of as permanent damage. There have been many ensuing challenges due to the injury and because of that, I have spent most of my adult life looking for balance in my own body. Most of the tools I have studied and continue to use have been for my own healing and are the tools that I share with others.  One of my first teachers of yoga taught me a different paradigm of healing injuries and encouraged radical change in me. Together we changed the shape of my arm, and shifted my abilities, strength and pain levels and encouraged the emotional connection to my body. We worked to strengthen me from the inside out. I have continued to study, learn and grow in my body and in my work . And look forward to sharing it with all of  you.

My tools for my self and others include: Yoga, Structural Integration, Energy healing, Nerve Manipulation, Scar Manipulation, Meditation and Empathy and Love. 

I believe that body wants to heal, the heart wants to heal and its all possible.

I believe touch is healing, I believe movement is healing: meditation is an amazing life long tool, food can heal, love can heal and emotions, and mind/heart connections are a door to the body. 



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