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4 -Day Body Immersion

3 Secrets to Unlock the Wisdom of Your Body & Embody Deep Healing

Wed - Sat  3/20-23  @ 11am-12pm PT

  • Day 1 - Get Out of Pain

       Learn how to decode your symptoms.

  • Day 2 - Stay Out of Pain
    Understand your body's unique needs.

  • Day 3 - Create Lasting Healing:
    Discover what brings your body ease, freedom, vitality and resilience.


  • Day 4 - Body/HeartMind Integration:
    Connect your inner wisdom and outer strength

Are you ready to TRANSFORM your relationship to pain and to your body?

If you're a woman struggling to reduce pain without success, you might be stuck in a stressful 'fix it now' cycle. It could feel like you're constantly managing pain or dealing with limitations like stiffness, tightness, and lost flexibility and strength.

This frustration might lead you to push harder to stop the pain and regain what you have lost, even using treatments that could be contributing to the pain and keeping you from getting better. You might keep using these treatments, even when there's little to no change in your pain.

I understand—I've been there, repeating the same actions, fearing that doing nothing meant staying in pain.


But there's a way to shift how you respond to pain:

🔥 You can move from being overwhelmed by pain.... to having a relationship with the pain and the healing process. 🔥 Instead of merely seeking relief, you can find more ease, mobility, and strength. 
🔥 You'll expand from learning your body’s immediate pain care needs to understanding your deeper needs and desires for a balanced body, mind, and heart.
🔥 Use your  body/ mind/ heart integration to guide you in life.

The freedom lies in realizing there's relief from the frustration of the "fix it now" cycle.  The path to tangible results for your body. If you're ready to leave frustration behind and create lasting relief and healing, I'm thrilled for you to join me on this transformative journey.

              💕 Get out of pain  💕 Stay out of pain  💕 Create lasting healing 💕 Integration of body/ mind/ heart healing

 Join us for a free embodied exploration!

3 Secrets to Unlock the Wisdom of Your Body & Embody Deep Healing.

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Wed -Sat March 20-23, 2024
11am -12 PM PT / 2-3 PM ET

What we are doing these three days:
We will use movement, sound, breath and inquiry

  • Day 1 :  Get Out of Pain:
    Learn how to decode your symptoms so that you can shift your pain and get the relief you want.


  • Day 2:  Stay Out of Pain:
    Understand your body's unique needs so that you can cultivate balance and strength in your body.

  • Day 3:  Lasting Healing:
    Discover what brings your body ease, freedom, vitality and resilience.

    Day 4:  Body / HeartMind Integration:
    Use your inner and outer power to guide you in life.

Release  Restore Strengthen Embody
Transforming your relationship to pain so that you can do what you love and move through life with ease, confidence and anchored strength


Join us!
Embodied Healing Immersion

Wed -Sat, March 20-23, 2024
11am-12 PM PT / 2-3 PM ET

Change the conversation with your body. Heal the patterns that cause pain, tightness and feeling stuck in your body and being.
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"Padma (Patricia Borrego) is a rare find as a teacher. Her understanding of the body, soul, tissue, inspiration, and life’s complexities, render her teaching profoundly meaningful.


Every aspect of her teaching embraces integration. The result is Padma delivers one back to oneself."

Priscilla H.



“It has been and is Padma who best understands and helps me respect my body from a perspective that is grounded in her deep knowledge of how that body works, suffer , recovers and embraces life.

With kindness and challenge and humor she continues to be the mainstay of my good health, agility and delight in the world.”

Susan G.

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"Padma Borrego helped me find the space to breathe and the grace of moving into a pose. Her extensive training in body work combined with her patient style of yoga was a blessing.

Her teaching is the reason I have come to practice and love yoga every day."

Nicole B.

A horribly shattered elbow with extensive nerve damage,  painful herniated discs in my neck and lower back,  torn hamstrings,  tendonosis in both elbows and a few other injuries pushed me towards wanting more from my body than what I was told was possible. In traditional medicine, I was given very little hope of
true relief from chronic pain regaining feeling, mobility or strength.

When I began working with my body as a living organism, designed to regenerate, heal and evolve, my body began to change dramatically and so did I.   I became strong, fluid and capable in my body but also in my heart, mind and spirit.

As a Yoga and Movement Therapist, an advanced bodyworker and an energy awareness facilitator, I inspire people to experience their body beyond what they think they can do and beyond who they think they are.
Join me if you want to move through live with ease, confidence and grounded in your inner and outer experiences.
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