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EVOLVEyoga / Movement therapy classes

JOIN US!   for whole body, whole hearted movement that heals.



relieve patterns of pain and regulate the nervous system


new pathways of movement that cultivate a foundation of ease and mobility


mobility, flexibility and resilience that keeps you out of pain.

hello, my name is padma borrego

A horribly shattered elbow with extensive nerve damage,  painful herniated discs in my neck and lower back,  torn hamstrings,  tendonosis in both elbows and a few other injuries pushed me towards wanting more from my body than what I was told was possible.
In traditional medicine, I was given very little hope of regaining feeling, mobility or true relief of pain.  When I began working with my body as a living organism, designed to regenerate, heal and evolve, that changed my life,  My body began to change and so did I.   I became strong, fluid and capable in my physicality but also in my heart mind an spirit.

As a Yoga and Movement Therapist, an advanced bodyworker and an energy awareness facilitator. I get to inspire people to experience their body beyond what they think they can do and beyond who they think they are.


pay below:

  • First class is free.

  • Monthly membership for better results and more support, class videos available. Sliding scale  $120 - $200

  • Drop-in also available

  • Payment: Credit card, Paypal or Venmo.

  • contact: for any questions.

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