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and love the body you have.


August 22,  12pm PT

  • Decrease Pain :
    Unlock patterns of limitation and pain, allowing for a deepening of your body's awareness and sense of aliveness.


  • Increase Flexibility:
    Explore new patterns of movement that unleash your body's innate mobility and remind you of your ability to embrace life with flexibility.


  • Resilience and Injury Prevention:
    Cultivate resilience and strength to support alignment and integrity so that you can prevent injuries, heal faster and experience a grounded and embodied YOU.

Does pain ever prevent you from saying yes to doing things with friends and family? 
Are there things on your bucket list you want to do that you haven't done because of pain?
Are you less able to walk or exercise because of your pain?

When managing your pain is running your life, you have an injury that is not healing
or getting re-injured, or you have chronic pain that is impacting your life,

When you feel overwhelmed, disconnected, frustrated or betrayed by your body, 
to shift your pain and reconnect you to your body.

Getting out of pain requires patience and support.
The journey out of pain brings us back into alignment with our body,

our energy, our pleasure, our breath and our heart.

We  EMBODY the wholeness of who we are and we become stronger
and more resilient inside and out.


Benefits of taking this training
(This training includes talk and movement)

  • Insights into balancing your stress/relax cycles, empowering you to shift your symptoms and enhance your well-being.

  • Techniques to shift pain patterns, granting you freedom in all your movements and fostering a sense of liberation.

  • Strategies for building strength, nurturing resilience, and harmonizing your body with the world around you.

  • Deepened body and breath awareness, establishing a profound connection to your inner rhythms and intuition from within.

  • Understanding your body's unique love language, enabling you to tap into its innate ability to heal

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"Padma (Patricia Borrego) is a rare find as a teacher. Her understanding of the body, soul, tissue, inspiration, and life’s complexities, render her teaching profoundly meaningful.


Every aspect of her teaching embraces integration. The result is Padma delivers one back to oneself."

Priscilla H.

What they are saying...

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"Padma Borrego helped me find the space to breathe and the grace of moving into a pose. Her extensive training in body work combined with her patient style of yoga was a blessing.

Her teaching is the reason I have come to practice and love yoga every day."

Nicole B.


“It has been and is Padma who best understands and helps me respect my body from a perspective that is grounded in her deep knowledge of how the body works, suffers, recovers and embraces life.

With kindness, challenge and humor, she continues to be the mainstay of my good health, agility, and delight in the world.”

Susan G.


What is the longing in your
body and heart?
Nurture it and bring it into your life creations

A horribly broken elbow with extensive nerve damage  pushed me towards wanting more from my body than what I was told was possible. 

Traditional medicine gave me very little hope of regaining feeling, mobility or true relief of pain.  It wasn't until I began working with my body as a living organism, designed to regenerate, heal and evolve, that my life changed.

With time I  became strong, fluid and capable in my physicality as well as my heart, mind, and spirit.

As a Yoga and Movement Therapist, an advanced bodyworker, and an energy awareness facilitator, my desire is to inspire you to experience your body beyond what you think you can do and who you think you are.


Change the conversation with your body.

Listen to the nudge, the push or the loud calls that your pain, your body, your
heart and your spirit are sending you.

Let's connect you to your physical body, emotional body, mental body and spirtual body so that you fully embody the sacred being that you are......


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