With Padma Borrego

Replay available if you cannot make the workshop!

What you will learn in this workshop:

  • How to unwind the patterns that limit us

  • Why re-patterning how we move changes how we feel

  • Why building strength increases mobility

  • How shifting our experience of our movements impacts our nervous system and how we respond to life

  • Deepening our relationship with our body is life changing

Change the conversation with your body and start to heal the patterns that cause pain, tightness and feeling stuck in your body and being.
Padma Borrego
I have a long history of working with bodies and people though bodywork, yoga and energy healing.

I have spent most of my life deepening my relationship with my body and it has given me the tools to heal so much more.  Stepping more and more into my body has anchored me in my spirit.

I am a certified yoga instructor/therapist, structural integrator (rolfer), and energy healer with hands-on learning from my teachers and my clients for over 25 years.
Join me if you want to love how you move and feel in your body
Replay available if you cannot make the workshop!


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"Padma (Patricia Borrego) is a rare find as a teacher. Her understanding of the body, soul, tissue, inspiration, and life’s complexities, render her teaching profoundly meaningful.


Every aspect of her teaching embraces integration. The result is Padma delivers one back to oneself."

Priscilla H.



“It has been and is Padma who best understands and helps me respect my body from a perspective that is grounded in her deep knowledge of how that body works, suffer , recovers and embraces life.

With kindness and challenge and humor she continues to be the mainstay of my good health, agility and delight in the world.”

Susan G.


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"Padma Borrego helped me find the space to breathe and the grace of moving into a pose. Her extensive training in body work combined with her patient style of yoga was a blessing.

Her teaching is the reason I have come to practice and love yoga every day."

Nicole B.