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Has anyone ever told you that when your feet have good movement and strength, you have better whole body circulation, better hip and spine mobility, better balance and connection to the ground, a better immune system response and your focus moves down and into the whole body.
Happy feet really do make the whole body happy.  
"Love your feet and keep your whole body happy"
PDF fact sheet and 9 movements to create change in your feet
standing grounding meditation
Try it for one week.
Follow the video every day, or print out the fact sheet that has stretches and movements to follow every day. 
Listen to the meditation when the mind is busy and notice what shifts happen.
Then I would love to hear. . .  did it change how you move with your feet and hips?  Connect with me through any of the platforms below.

May how you walk on the earth remind you of the fullness of who you are.  
xx Padma
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