structural integration, biomechanically inspired bodywork,yoga therapy, movement renovation




Structural Integration Full Series-
for more serious alignment challenges, chronic injuries or a whole body balancing. 

12 sessions (90minutes each)


4 sessions to open the outer body or movement tissues. 
4 sessions to open/balance the inner body or postural tissues. 
4 sessions to allow for internal organization; upper girdle and lower girdle, postural and movement tissues.

A great series for finding balance in the system. The sessions are designed  to address deeper imbalances and compensations in the body;  side bends/rotations, more dramatic asymmetries(injury related or movement patterns), or chronic injuries. The consistency and time can allow the body time to balance in a rich and more harmonious way.
Introducing the relationships of feet, knees, hips, shoulders, and head, then organizing the systems from the center of bone to the surface of the skin through the connective tissue matrix, allowing for more clarity in movement and freedom from pain.
Touching the whole body consciousness, building confidence structurally and energetically that moves us forward in life. 

5-8 Sessions( 90minutes each)

 Great to balance the body especially if you have had a series         before, some myofascial work, or if the body is responsive to         being worked on.  A series for chronic and acute challenges, as   well as pain or weakness associated with imbalance.


Biomechanically Inspired Series

3 0r 5 sessions (90 minutes each)


A shorter series for a fairly responsive system focusing on creating clear movement in the whole matrix of the body addressing the upper girdle, lower girdle, arms, legs and spine in a concise series. Can also address pain, limited movement or injuries. 


Single Session

60 mins

1 session: easy tune up, first session of a series as a intro to me and my work.



Private Yoga

60 minutes

 Great for newer yoga practitioners to build confidence and understanding of the complexity of the movements, as well as breathi,  mind focus and the how to balance effort and relaxation for full system benefits.

An amazing tool for rebalancing from injuries, bringing balance in strength and focus to the whole system.. 


Really helpful for pain management and rebalancing of the nervous system. Local pain often creates a whole system agitation, lets bring ease to the whole nervous system, the local system and refocus/re-pattern the structures that are out or balance.

Private Yoga/Neuromuscular
Re-patterning for Injuries and Pain

75 mins

Energy Healing

60 min


Classes and Workshops

For injuries, pain and emotional integration to bring the whole system into a place or ease where healing can happen easily. Remind the system it knows how and wants to heal.  
Supporting innate patterns to be more clear physically and emotionally.


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