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Your body is a forest  - thick canopies of maple trees and sweet scented wildflowers sprouting in the underwood

yoga therapy

yoga and movement as healing



9:30 am PT/ 12:30pm ET

unwinding &

softening patterns


meeting id: 849 2401 0947

passcode: 617963

yoga therapy & meditation



9:30am PT/12:30am ET

meeting id: 891 0298 0810

pass code: 634064


reweaving & exploring new pathways


9:30am PT/ 12:30pm ET

meeting id: 838 5238 1617

passcode: 224457

yoga therapy & meditation



7:30am PT/ 10:30 am ET

meeting id: 850 0559 1366

passcode: 947198

yoga therapy

Area of focus and types of classes

Unwinding/restorative - unwinding patterns that cause pain.

therapeutic - re-patterning and building better movement in the joints and tissues

strengthening and building - building strength allowing for more balance in your body support and function.

working from where you are. 

-if you are injured or newer to yoga movement or need extra support we will start there. unwinding compensating tissues, softening patterns in order to set new ones.

-if you are in pain and not sure how to change how you are moving to get out of pain we will start there. therapeutic yoga: repatterning movements, exploring how you move best.

-if you need to build more balanced strength through your body we will start there. adding movements that build strength and adaptability in diverse ways


                                       which is right for you? classes or privates reach out to ask.

To make payments for class:

venmo @Patricia-Borrego-1

PayPal (friends and family option)

All classes are by donation.

energy healing

Individual sessions on zoom, skype or facetime.  
Resourcing the energy systems which inform and weave through us as thoughts, emotions, or relationships to others.  Building awareness of the more expanded fields of energy that we can draw upon for support as well as the energy fields that lie within our bodies.  Deepening the relationship to the unseen parts of us: emotions, sensations, felt sense, Intuition, knowing, source, spirit, soul, guidance. Allowing the awareness of energy systems to nourish our beings and our lives.
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Email for an appointment.  Monday, Wednesday, or Friday  9:30am -5pm Pacific Time
Structural Integration
Based on the work of Ida Rolf, Tom Myers and his research based Anatomy Trains Myofascial Lines.  Structural Integration looks at the skeletal structure and its fascial and muscular pulleys. Our aim is to balance the integrity of the whole and its relationships of tension within the whole body matrix.
   Single Sessions -If you need to pinpoint an issue and your body feels pretty balanced or if you are having
                                 pain and need to diminish the pain and assess source of imbalance.
   10 sessions (or 12 with extra sessions for arms and rotations in legs and torso))
                                session 1 -3  addressing  patterns in more superficial tissue
                                session 4-7  addressing deeper patterns of movement in postural layers
                                session 8-10  integrating  superficial and deep layers,  pelvis and legs,
                                                        shoulders and arms, neck and spine.
  Specific Work-  Scars-and the tissues that are affected by the the scaring process
                             Nerve/Artery -addressing impacts on nerve tissue or within nerve
                                                      tissue that is affecting function or pain
                             Gentle Work-  for more sensitive tissues, affecting the tissues with
                                                      gentle pressure can have just as profound an effect
Biomechanically Inspired Bodywork
Based on Liz Gaggini's work in biomechanics and asymmetrical patterns in the body.
Used within the 12 series but also used as a tune up for a fairly balanced body or after a series.
Three to five sessions
         session 1   pelvic girdle and legs, integrating rotational patterns
         session 2  shoulder girdle and arms, integrating rotational patterns
         session 3  neck and spine
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