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Yoga for Extraordinary Times: Building Adaptability and Integrity through movement.


What does having freedom feel like in your body:

  • a full and easy breath,
  • fluid movement throughout your day,
  • confidence in your body and
  • freedom to explore the world around you?
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Hi,  My name is Padma.
Most people come to me because they
are in pain, have forgotten what good movement feels like or have lost faith in
their ability to heal.
It does take time and attention to shift movement patterns and have a body that may be happier than when you were 20.
But you are so worth it.
"Padma is very serious about her teaching.  She draws on her commitment to anatomically based movement to carefully and deliberatively design her classes.  And they're fun!"

"I retired several years ago and decided to focus on my new job; health and fitness. I started taking yoga classes, though at first, I wasn't sure I liked it. Padma Borrego helped me find the space to breathe and the grace of moving into a pose. Her extensive training in body work combined with her patient style of yoga was a blessing. Her teaching is the reason I have come to practice and love yoga every day."


"I took my first yoga class at age 40 and have been doing Yoga regularly for the last 41 years with a wide variety of good teachers. But it has been Padma who best understands and helps me respect my body from a perspective that is grounded in her deep knowledge of how that body works, suffers, recovers and embraces life.
With kindness and challenge and humor she continues to be the mainstay of my
good health, agility and delight in the world"
Yoga is a way to access our body. 
We learn to listen to and step into our own bodies, our breath and our psyche in a rich way.  We become strong in our tissues and in our presence
Bodywork brings another awareness.
A second person adds the element of relationship, trust, and support. It tends to reflect the areas that need and want to become seen.
Meditation and energy healing draw consciousness
to the thoughts, emotions, and other sensory fields allowing us to step into deeper awareness of our perceptions and actions.
These are the tools I have used for 20 years on myself and taught others .  And I would like you to feel free in your
body too.  Feeling connected to your body brings all the parts of you that are uniquely you into concert. Your physical strength, your feeling body, your intuition and your clarity are all supported when you are embodied. We feel  safe and we are heard when we are embodied.
It is deeply strong and beautiful place to be.
Can you feel what it feels like to be embodied?
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