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The Body Wisdom's Way out of Pain

10 HOT TIPS to get you out of pain and disconnection and into an
EVOLutionary relationship with your body, mind and heart

Crystal Salt

Hello, my name is Padma

A horribly broken elbow with extensive nerve damage was the beginning of my healing journey with pain.  It was also experiences of painful herniated discs in my neck and lower back, torn hamstrings, tendonosis in both elbows where I continued to deepen my search of finding relief from pain.

Suffering with pain took me down many paths of inquiry and I have gathered many tools that have helped to lessen or release the pain.  Along the way I learned what the body was capable of and what it was yearning for.  Getting rid of the pain is only one piece of the healing journey.

Working with clients who, like you, are suffering with pain, I have come to learn that the biggest desires they all share is to feel more freedom, ease, joy and pleasure in their body.

I have not only studied anatomy, massage, structural integration, yoga therapy and energy healing for the last 27 years I have also studied my body and the bodies of the clients I have had the privilege to work with.  There is so much more to your relationship with your body than you may even realize


Padma (Patricia Borrego) is a rare find as a teacher. Her understanding of the body, soul, tissue, inspiration, and life’s complexities, render her teaching profoundly meaningful.


Every aspect of her teaching embraces integration. The result is Padma delivers one back to oneself."

Susan G


🔥15% of women report having pain when they are 30.

🔥30% of women report having pain when they are 60.

🔥 Women are often dismissed more than more men when it comes to pain.

🔥 Chronic pain is often misdiagnosed or treated with methods that only manage but do not heal the underlying issues. Which means the underlying issues are still there only quieter but will continue to get worse if not addressed

🔥 What your body needs to heal is specific to you.

🔥 You don't need to be a statistic if you shift what is happening in your body.

“I want you to know that it is pleasure, not pain, that is your birthright.”
-Christine Northrup


The world has taught us that healing pain is
about making the symptoms go away.

Pain is a seen as a failure of your body,
a weakness,
that builds a lack of trust in your experience.

But your body is designed to to heal and
grow stronger.

Your body is designed to give and receive
love and trust.

Pink Powder
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