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The Body Wisdom's Way out of Pain

10 HOT TIPS to get you out fo pain and disconnection and into an EVOLutionary relationship with your body, mind and heart

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Hello, my name is Padma

A horribly shattered elbow with extensive nerve damage,  painful herniated discs in my neck and lower back, torn hamstrings, tendonosis in both elbows
and a few other injuries have shaped my journey of finding relief from pain.  

Shifting my pain was sometimes simple and sometimes more complex but I have gathered tools along the way that have lessened or stopped my pain. I have learned to listen to the sensations and messages from my body in order to heal and continue to do what I love.

I have become more grounded, strong and and present in my body.
It has become my life's work and my passion to share with you.

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Alexa Young, CA


15% of women report having pain when they are 30.

30% of women report having pain when they are 60

You can change that in your own body

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Getting out of pain
is like tuning

 your system to respond to ease rather than crisis.
It may seem simple
but it can be life changing.

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