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 Please join me for the workshop replay HERE

Experience a change in your system and find tools that help build lasting ease.

 Yoga for Extraordinary Times:

 Building Adaptability and Integrity through movement.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by all the change in the world, have your own big changes unfolding in your life and and you still need to be able to be present for all of your real life responsibilities.....
And you know there might be a different way to respond to the intensity of all the challenges that we are facing.  Then, lets start with what we can change. 
I have put this workshop together as a journey into and through our body,  breath and being so we can tangibly feel how we are unfolding and who we are becoming:
.... a way to unwind and soothe the whole system,
.... play with new patterns of movement that create a deeper sense of listening and awareness. 
.... and as we build from that deeper listening, our body emerges with a strength that is integrated and embodied.
Yoga and structural integration offer tools that impact our state of being and help us feel the changes  we desire.   When we tease out pieces of our yoga practice and bodywork and join them together to create slow movements that shift our nervous system and tissues  we can build our movements internally and externally  from a place of calm focus and knowing who we are.

Yoga for Extraordinary Times recorded workshop and

Chakra Mudra meditation bonus


Hi. My name is Padma
Most people come to me because they are in pain, have forgotten what good movement feels like, have lost faith in their ability to heal or in their body in general. 
I have taught yoga and worked on bodies for over 20 years.  I had an injury when I was 17 that lead me to explore my own healing. 
At  23 I was pretty unhealthy and
disconnected from my body and it was at that point that I met a yoga teacher who transformed my view of healing and has forever shifted how I am in body. 
Our bodies and our beings are capable of incredible transformation.  And it is through our bodies that the transformation becomes anchored in and from other parts of our being.  It's a pretty wild journey we are on,  I hope we can share some time together.
In the workshop.................
You will be guided to make internal connections that support your ability to expand and stand tall in your own body and heart.  It is easier to respond elegantly when we feel nourished, supported and present .
  • Unwinding patterns in the tissues and nervous system
  • Resetting more efficient patterns of movement and breath
  • Building integrated whole body connection
  • Meditation to land it in the cells and the psyche

I am so excited to share this work with you because I know it works. And if you cannot make it you can watch the replay and submit questions beforehand.

There is so much research showing how yoga strengthens our body mind connection as well as strengthens our body.

But I also see it in my clients, my community and myself!

  • 20 min intro to why we move the way we will move today

  • 30 min unwinding sequence

  • 30 min resetting sequence

  • 30 min building sequence

  • 15 min meditation

  • 20- 30 min Q and A



What you might need for the movement work:

  • you can work on carpet or on a yoga mat.

  •  two blankets or towels  

  • 2 yoga blocks (you can use a towel rolled up as well

  • a yoga strap ( or belt)


Yoga for Extraordinary Times recorded workshop and

Chakra Mudra meditation bonus


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